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  “A world without books is impossible to imagine.”

We love books !

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          Books have  been around for a really long time.     Some books have changed civilizations,  and some books have changed millions of lives for the better.     We are still learning from ancient books we have managed to translate, yet we are still trying to decipher some ancient books whose script puzzles us.     So, books are not going away anytime soon.    We need them.

     In this blog we discuss the changing book industry and it’s changing extremely fast.    In spite of the tremendous growth in “e-books”, most book lovers like the real thing, something to have and hold.    There are thousands of new books created every year, some of them very important, timely.      We visit book shows and fairs, looking for interesting titles that we’ll be sharing with  you.    Please send us your book recommendations for our store.

    We have many book reviews on Amazon, and links to interesting resources about the world of books.   If you review books, please send us a link so we can send visitors to your reviews.

Without books, where would we all be?   That’s the plain fact.

Books are wonderful… they provide endless learning and entertainment, and are so simple.    Many a life has been changed by a single book.   I remember a book when I was very small called the “I Like Book”.    In a whimsical and poetical way it mused upon all the wonderful things in life….. such as… ” I like dogs, big dogs, little dogs, sleepy dogs, fast dogs, dogs that howl, and dogs that wander in the cold moon light, I like dogs”…. etc.   Here I am remembering that book more than 50 years later.   Never underestimate the power of a good book.

In the modern world many times such simple pleasures are overlooked.     But not here.   We’re going to explore the enchanting realm of books, imagination, poetry, and captivating language that makes books what they are.    Remember, “electronic” books are copies.   Go for the real thing… it’s worth it.

Many of us remember being read to as a child, then learning how to read for ourselves.  We would like to hear from you.   Feel free to join in the conversation, ask questions.

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